Spiritual Baths
Spiritual Baths

Spiritual Baths

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Grief: for the transition into fall, the transitions of those we love, the transition of the many versions of ourselves that didn't survive the months/days/years.

(dried brahmi, dried oyster mushrooms, dried miscellaneous flower petals)

Heart/Gate Opener: for whatever is keeping you small, stuck, or unable to experience your connection to who you are/all that is.

(magnolia leaf, dried purple basil, dried lemon balm, dried chocolate mint, dandelion root)

Notice: Can you notice yourself? Are you really able to see yourself?

(whole lavender flowers, nettle root, white peony root, safflower petals, nasturtium flowers, little bit of dried oyster mushroom), astragalus root powder)


you get:

  • one single use bath
  • general instructions for use +
    • any intuitive guidance i receive for you

(NOTE: if you purchased these from me at a market, and need clearer guidance on usage, just send me a message or email: nanacsapothecary@gmail.com)

*for external use only; also, not a bath salt (raw material does not go into tub/shower)