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Dried Herbs

Dried Herbs

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Suggested use: 1 T / cup of just boiled water, steep while covered
15 - 60 mins. enjoy 2-3 cups / day

1oz bags


Tulsi:  uplifts the mood and energy and supports the immune system.

Boneset:  strong antiviral immune herb, great for fevers. It is for acute illness, and should only be used for 7 days in a row. Not safe in pregnancy or nursing.

Anise Hyssop: is uplifting, and especially great for grief and heartbreak.

Motherwort: soothes the nervous system, helps holds your heart during times of heavy grief / loneliness / over-worry / agitation. May also provide relief for menstrual cramps. *Not safe during pregnancy, or menstruation with very heavy bleeding.

Spearmint: relaxing; helps support the body in healing through common cold symptoms and upset stomach.

Licorice Root:  anti-inflammatory herb, great for gastro-intestinal discomfort. Not safe in pregnancy, and large doses should not be taken over long periods of time. (one 6" stick)

Mullein: nutritive herb for dry lungs. 

Goldenrod: can he helpful in easing irritation from upper-respiratory infections; energetically, is a helpful reminder to allow grace to ourselves and others