alternative currency

Capitalism is trash. It's fear based and centered around a violent relationship between perceived lack, individual exceptionalism and over consumption.

So over here at Nana Catherine's Apothecary, I'm trying to experiment with different types of resource. As of now, I accept the following currency:

  • Money: dollars and cents
  • Barter: goods for goods | services for services (that I need)
    • Goods: bread shares, CSAs, herbs, flowers or other garden produce, second hand clothes (for myself and my son, age 9)
    • Services: light repairs, painting, non-western healing modalities (yoga, qi gong, acupuncture, massage, rolfing, etc.)
  • Time: for members of the  Womanist Working Collective ( who have signed up for our time bank (

If you would like to use an energy other than money, send me a message/email with the goods or services that you're interested in. We'll connect, and then make an agreement--being sure to include our intentions and promises to one another in the process.

Donations are also welcome! I'm hoping to cultivate a support network; a community resource for folks who need food, other goods, and healing arts, but don't have the time, money, or goods to trade. 
If you're already doing this work, let's get some mentorship poppin?  <3