Black Womxn/Femmes: Quality of Life Survey

(The larger survey is intended for black identifying womxn and femmes, but ANYONE is open to take the mini, mini version:

Mini Quality of Life Survey

Take 10 minutes, sit with yourself, and share your feelings about your lived experience <3)

Coming: Spring 2020

 A project near and dear to me.

Inspired by the country of Bhutan, my love of black womxn, and my hometown (Philadelphia); in community with my the Womanist Working Collective. 

In Bhutan, the government uses a comprehensive survey to gauge the wellness of its people across several categories/indicators. from religious traditions, environmental health, safety and emotional well-being, the results of the survey help shape policy, and channel funding in a way that reflects peoples' lived experiences.

This survey is remixed for black womxn, by black womxn.

I wanted to see how WE think we're doing; the aspects of life that WE prioritize and how WE envision healthier futures for ourselves and communities. I also wanted to pay black womxn for their time and labor in filling out the survey.

We deserve to be compensated for our wisdom.

We're piloting the survey across three zip codes in north philly (19122, 19132, 19133)  partnering with community organizations and cultural spaces, to help administer the survey, and support folks in processing difficult emotions that may arise. 

If you're wondering how to get involved, let me know! You can send me a message on the site, or shoot an email to