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frequently asked questions

answers to some great questions!

What is "energy work?"

Energy, itself, is the capacity or power to do work (science!)
I also see energy as the non-physical beginning of everything that we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell in the physical world. it's that electric impulse that is:

a thought,
an idea,
a craving for chocolate,
the attraction that you may feel for a potential lover,
the urge to take one turn over another,

a possibility.

Every building, relationship, birthday cake, r&b song, baby, puppy, plant, came from this intangible source. The past, present, and the future are all created from energy. Everything tangible starts as potential; starts as something un-manifest.

This is the source that I can connect to, read, move and shift.
What I, "work" with.

Working with energy is kind of like learning and speaking another language. It just gives me another tool to understand myself and all that I'm connected to (read: everything, including you).

I mean, we ALL work with energy. But a lot of us are socialized to unlearn the language of knowing, understanding, and moving that energy--within ourselves, and everything else. Which can, and often does, make connection, wellness and joy feel like a struggle. 


What kinds of things/issues can energy work address?

I love energy work as a compliment to other healing modalities: western psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga, gi gong, etc. It relies heavily on the messages we receive from our body and emotions.

I've found that it's particularly helpful and effective with:

  • integrating after trauma (especially when the roots of the trauma are repressed or unknown)
  • symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • grief / loss
  • stress / burnout
  • issues around physical, emotional or sexual intimacy
  • headaches
  • upset stomach
  • reproductive health


What if you don't believe in all that "ancestor, spirit, woo woo, stuff?"

That's all right with me. Mad religious folks, atheists, agnostics and spiritualists, use/practice energy work as it makes sense for them.

My personal metric for believability, for almost everything, is,

"...but does it work?" 

Though, as a baseline, I think one would have to alteast consider the concept that a person-their body-has the capacity to guide their healing process. If you can't get with that, then energy work probably isn't for you...yet.


Why are your prices so low?

But real talk: are they low, though? Looking at the way minimum wage is set up, I'd say my pricing still might be high. But this is why I accept alternative currencies. I think we (global we) could stand to broaden our ideas around fair exchange. If you can give more, do! And if you need to give differently, I make space for that, too. 

I'm also not really tryna be a traditional "business." Where is the balance between getting what I need to thrive, and offering services that we are ALL entitled to? Especially for a practice (energy work) and medicine (herbs) that is all of our birthrights? 

I hope to be a resource, not a product


Why are you calling yourself a challenner?

Honestly? Because that's literally all that I'm doing; I'm a person, who channels. I'm not healing or creating anything new. I'm facilitating a process, with the care and expertise that comes from being initiated into this role. And I stay in my lane, which makes me a damn good channel ;-)


Is Reiki like, massage with no hands? Acupuncture without needles?

Shout out to the folks who know the context of this question! It's funny, but understandable, considering that the practice is still fairly young (just under 100 years old). 

Reiki does not have to be done with direct touch, but practitioners still use their hands to guide and direct energy. Needles are DEFINITELY specific to acupuncture.

Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, and aids the body in balancing physical, mental, and emotional health. The world Reiki is translated from the Japanese words “rei (universal life)” and “ki (energy).” The practice was introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui (for which the most popular Reiki method is named). Dr. Usui developed several master practitioners, who later spread the healing modality to the West.

Reiki is performed with the client fully clothed, and is designed to support the body into harmony—releasing stress, promoting relaxation, and allowing the body to catalyze its own healing process. Using specific hand positions, I channel divine, healing energy and intuitively direct the flow into your energy field and body.

A typical full Reiki session lasts about 50 minutes. Some people experience feelings of warmth, peace, lucid dreaming, tingling or nothing at all—your experience will be exactly what it needs to be.


Fall / Winter Apothecary 2020

List of prepared medicinals, and herbs/plants that I'm currently in relationship with:


Made with fresh herbs

Tulsi Glycerite (non-alcoholic; made with vegetable glycerine)

Goldenrod elixir

Chamomile elixir

Rosemay elixir (this one made with fresh AND dried rosemary)

Red clover elixir

Mountain Mint elixir 

Langston's Lemon grass glycerite (non-alcoholic; made with vegetable glycerine)

Tobacco + Tulsi Flower Essence

Firecracker Sunflower Essence

Rose Flower Essence (made with the Aries Full Moon, Oct. 1, 2020)

Marshmallow Leaf elixir (ready November 2020)

Marshmallow Root elixir (ready November 2020)

MayPop blossoms elixir


Made with dried herbs


Yellow Dock Root elixir

Yarrow elixir 

Cinnamon Glycerite (non-alcoholic; made with vegetable glycerine)

Motherwort elixir 

Lemon Balm elixir

Blood In / Blood out elixir (yellow dock, dandelion root, rose)

Can I Kick It? elixir (Skullcap + California Poppy)

Valerian Leaf elixir (ready November 2020)

Astragalus root elixir (ready November 2020)

Rose elixir


Loose dried herbs







Elecampagne Root


California Poppy



Marshmallow Root

Dandelion Root 

Lemon Balm 


Chocolate mint

Mountain Mint 




Echinacea Leaf

Ashwagandha Root

Yellow Dock Root 

Licorice Root