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Healing As Integration

Trauma, fractures. For people surviving under layers of oppression, trauma obscures, from us, these pieces of ourselves. The process of healing is a practice of first recognizing the loss, and inhabiting those spaces with an awareness that begins to welcome them back.

I am not the healer, YOU are the healer. I simply channel the energy/information/messages necessary to help you show up more fully, for yourself.

There is No Separation Between You, the Universe, and Your Power

You are the unique expression of the divine. The universe experiences a specific aspect of itself through you, and you alone.

If it's not manifested by you, the world will never benefit from its light. And we are all connected by this truth.

The “you” that you know yourself to be is only a small piece. Past lives, your Higher Self (or Soul), ancestors, family, lovers, people who betrayed you, people who look like you, people who don't—all form to create a much more expansive experience of “self.”

You Are the Authority on You

I believe that healing is about co-creation. It’s about supporting the bridge between our conscious self and the unseen world that labors lovingly on our behalf.

Healing is about opening up to greater levels of perception.

But not all of us are ready, in the same ways, at the same times. Not all people resonate with meditation. Not all people have the privilege of feeling hopeful, positive. I try to meet folks where they are, and sometimes, for whatever reason, aspects of our deeper selves may not be ready to heal in certain ways.

It Ain’t Always Love and Light

I tend not to work from a framework of “dark and light”, “high and low vibration”.

I like to measure capacity for healing with your willingness to notice yourself. To allow and abide with what comes up—and trusting in the universe, your ancestors, and the Earth to support you. To honor your limitations, your resistance, your stuck parts, and the aspects of yourself that can't get right.

I'm called to connect with people who have been trying for years.
The moody ones.
The cynical ones.
The fixers.
The skeptics.
Those who may have, at times, broken from consensus reality.
Those who are afraid to hope.

If that’s you, come through.