Alchemy  | 2 session bundle (sliding scale)

Alchemy | 2 session bundle (sliding scale)

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Sliding-scale guidelines | towards economic justice, and fair energy exchange between my labor, your circumstances, and both of our lived experiences. 

Choose price point 1 if : you frequently stress out about meeting basic needs [food, housing, transportation] and don’t always achieve them | you qualify for government assistance including food stamps and health care | you have no or very little expendable income [ability to buy coffee or tea at a shop, go to the movies or a concert, buy new clothes and similar items each month]

Choose price point 2 if :you may stress about meeting your basic needs but still regularly achieve them | you are employed | you can ask others for financial/emotional/physical support [family members, partners, or friends] | you have some expendable income

Choose price point 3 (true cost of service) if: you are comfortably able to meet all your household needs | you can afford an annual vacation or take time off | you have access to financial savings/401k/other investments

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This session is more ritual, than relaxation; more collaborative, and more ancestral. Using channeled guidance, crystals, and intuitive energy work, we'll work together to locate, and integrate, aspects of your energy lost to trauma.

Every session is as unique as you are.

Crystals, incense, herbs, flowers and light touch are all used, if required (with your consent, always).

Due to the intensive nature of this work, there is a two session minimum for alchemical work. Our first session will focus on establishing connection and trust between me, you, and any ancestors, Orishas, or guides that surround you. We'll create intentions for our work, together--letting your energetics and your body help direct us to the places that require immediate healing. 

If there is any fear or hesitation about this commitment, I recommend experiencing a traditional Reiki session with me, first. This process is open to everyone, barring instruction from Spirit that the timing isn't quite right. Energy work is sensitive; its deep, and I care about you enough to wait until the work can be done safely. Immediate refunds will be issued if this is the case.

However. If this work really resonates with you, then you're probably ready.

Definitely connect with me in person, or via email, if you want to chat or ask any questions. 

Session time: 

60-90 minutes




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