Integration | Wisdom in Fear  (restorative platonic touch/closeness for QTPOC)

Integration | Wisdom in Fear (restorative platonic touch/closeness for QTPOC)

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*This service is currently only open to queer and trans black and brown folks*

There is a narrative about healing and wellness that often says, we are broken; that we must engage in a continual process of identifying and fixing aspects of ourselves in order to be whole.

Later for that.

In my explorations into energy, rest, communal care and platonic touch, I've realized that what a lot of us are requiring, is to be loved and witnessed for the unique ways that we exist. To be held and valued and supported as we enter simultaneous states of death and rebirth. By feeling (and not suppressing or judging) our fears, we are given keys to finding internal places of trust.

Like two sides of a coin, the other side of fear is wisdom.

Integration, is this. Through a combination of energy work (Reiki and ancestral) and consensual closeness, I hold you as we name and process specific feelings of fear and resistance. We can slowly uncover the truth about your energy and your power, in a way that can help you manage the hurt and discomfort that comes with opening. 

The details:

  • I perform this energy transfer beside you, with you, in the hammock.
  • This work is performed fully clothed.
  • Hands on touch is relegated to the following areas on the receiver's body: top and back of the head, top of the chest (right below the neck), both arms, hands, back/spine, torso and sides. 
  • We'll cycle through two positions in the hammock: laying side by side, and you laying in front of me (your back to my chest).
  • This service has it's own intake form, which needs to be completed before the session. 
  • At the start of the session, we'll review areas of consent, discuss the specific fear we're to work with, and plan for how you'd like to end/seal the session (this is likened to after-care).

The exchange:

A combination of sliding scale (money) AND barter (something you personally make or find).

Talk time: 30 minutes 

Session time: 45 minutes 

 (in the main photo: me, a black queer womxn on the right, and terrell, the powerful, loving soul on the left ❤️)