Spiritual Baths
Spiritual Baths
Spiritual Baths
Spiritual Baths

Spiritual Baths

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Duality of Spring: .to help celebrate and temper the energies of this season; the combination of creativity, rebirth, anger, frustration, and feelings of restlessness.

(lemongrass, linden flower and leaves, rose hips, dandelion root, buchu leaves)

Mother: for the wounds we receive from the women/femmes/mothers/aunts/grandmothers who raised/(did not)cared for us; for the rupture that occurred.

(motherwort, borage, cinnamon, little bit of jasmine, hyssop, astragalus root powder, chocolate mint)


you get:

  • one single use bath
  • general instructions for use +
    • any intuitive guidance i receive for you

(NOTE: if you purchased these from me at a market, and need clearer guidance on usage, just send me a message or email: nanacsapothecary@gmail.com)

*for external use only; also, not a bath salt (raw material does not go into tub/shower)